ccording to myth, Aeolos was the Greek God of wind and air, who lived on the floating island, Aeolia. In the caves of this island Aeolos had imprisoned the winds. He would let them out only as the Gods of Olympus instructed, whether in gusts, gales or breezes.

One day, Odysseus visited Aeolos on the island. He was warmly welcomed and when he left,
Aeolos gave him a bag containing all the dangerous winds, so that Odysseus would have a safe travel back to Ithaca without worrying about bad weather.

Odysseus did as Aeolos bid him, but once his homeland was in sight, he laid down to sleep, knowing he neednít worry about poor weather. But as he slept, one of his men curiously opened the bag, freeing all the fierce winds and blowing the little ship way of course.